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"Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service. We recently sent my uncle a Horton's Bermuda Rum Cake for his birthday. Your service is excellent!! We did it all online, it was so quick and easy! Your emails updating us on order and dispatch etc. were much appreciated. He called us when the cake arrived and is thrilled! We know he won't be disappointed on his birthday when he has company over for his birthday cake. The cake arrived quickly and he was so pleased with how well it was wrapped, and the note inside stating who it was from was much appreciated also. Thank you for your excellent service!! And thank you for your excellent cakes!! A happy customer"
- Gary Leduc, Ontario, Canada

"...I shopped so much in Bermuda, but the rum cake was by far the best purchase. I bought an extra plane seat for it so it would not be crushed in the overhead cabin."
- David Ferdinand, Director of Sales, Fitzpatrick Grand Central/Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel, NY, USA

"I have never been a fan of rum cake until I tasted yours. I found myself stealing little slices whenever my husband was asleep but, he caught me in the act everytime and regretfully I had to share"
- D. Pringle, Edinburgh, Scotland

"...it's incredible, I'm addicted"
- V. Ford, San Mateo, CA, USA

"...this time I'll let my family have a taste...a tiny tiny taste..."
- G.Patton, Stamford, CT, USA


From a secret recipe created with loving care in a tiny Bermuda Bakery come these light and moist dessert cakes that can only be described as magnificent.

Original Black Rum Cakes

Hortons Bermuda Black Rum Cakes

Mini original black rum cake

Mini rum cakes in packs of 12 ($7.50 each). Each weighs 4 oz and is individually packaged.


Large original black rum cake

Mrs Hortons super sized 26oz. delicious rum cake.


Chocolate Rum Cakes

Hortons Bermuda Black Chocolate Rum Cakes

Mini chocolate rum cake

Sold in packs of 12 ($7.50 each). Each cake is individually packaged.


Large chocolate rum cake

A full super sized 26oz. chocolate rum cake.


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Shipping worldwide at USA postal rates, the benefit of Horton's Rum Cakes is NO TAX!

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