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"Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service. We recently sent my uncle a Horton's Bermuda Rum Cake for his birthday. Your service is excellent!! We did it all online, it was so quick and easy!"
- Gary Leduc, Ontario, Canada
"...it's incredible, I'm addicted"
- V. Ford, San Mateo, CA, USA
"...this time I'll let my family have a taste...a tiny tiny taste..."
- G.Patton, Stamford, CT, USA
"...I shopped so much in Bermuda, but the rum cake was by far the best purchase. I bought an extra plane seat for it so it would not be crushed in the overhead cabin."
- David Ferdinand, Director of Sales, Fitzpatrick Grand Central/Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel, NY, USA
"I have never been a fan of rum cake until I tasted yours. I found myself stealing little slices whenever my husband was asleep but, he caught me in the act everytime and regretfully I had to share"
- D. Pringle, Edinburgh, Scotland


My company which began in my home kitchen in 1983 is the world's oldest existing rum cake business. At the time, there were no gourmet foods for export from Bermuda or the Caribbean. I’m proud that Horton’s is the first and has earned its place in history.
My purpose in creating this venture was to enable me to parent my then two young daughters, Randi and Lisa while at the same time creating an outlet to express my passion. Most important was to be present when the girls returned home from school. Today I am immensely proud of the women they’ve become, both esteemed in their respective fields. Growing my business as they slept, in order to track them for success without losing myself in the process was intentional. I’m comfortable that we all achieved a quality of life that justified that plan.
The business has enjoyed great highs. Among them were two separate phone calls from The Food Network expressing great interest in traveling to Bermuda to film the making of Horton’s Black Rum Cakes. This was before we had cable TV I’d never heard of the show! With five local competitors that had sprung up, all chasing the rewards I’d worked so hard to earn, I had no choice but to decline. Demonstrating on camera how to put myself out of business was not an option. They understood my position and eventually sent a crew nevertheless. They went on to film a segment hosted by celebrated celebrity chef, Giada de Laurentis.
I am deeply appreciative of the support of my family, friends and loyal patrons who have sustained me since 1983 when this business was merely a daydream.
Warm wishes,


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